Engine Reconditioning in Auburn


After engine reconditioning in AuburnAfter engine reconditioning in Auburn
After engine reconditioning in Auburn

We offer a complete mechanical service, from minor servicing and repairs right through to complete engine rebuilds. Our workshop is fully equipped with up to the minute technology and machinery, to ensure our highly skilled mechanics can carry out our wide range of services to the highest standards possible.

All our Reconditioned Engines are engineered to the same high quality as the original.
Our engines are re-manufactured to the highest possible standard, to withstand the stresses of everyday motoring. Blocks are bored, crankshafts re-ground and cylinder heads are skimmed.

Some of our specialised services are listed below:

  • Complete cylinder head reconditioning using Sunnen, Newen & Serdi equipment
  • All performance engine component machining and modifications
  • Newen CNC valve seat cutting
  • Pressure testing of heads and blocks
  • Injector tube fitting
  • Reboring and sleeving cylinders
  • Honing using Sunnen equipment
  • All conrod work using Sunnen equipment
  • Tunnel boring
  • Tunnel honing
  • Sunnen digital engine balancing
  • Cylinder head and cam tunnel boring
  • Crankshaft cracktesting
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • “Metal Spray” reclaiming crankshaft seal area and main bearing tunnels
  • Surface grinding of small and large engine blocks
  • Counter boring liner recesses
  • Chemically cleaning components
  • Flywheel grinding using Van Norman flywheel grinder
  • 900 HP engine dynameter
  • Alloy cylinder head welding
  • Pick-up and delivery service

We also supply a large range of engine kits for petrol and diesel engines